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CSI Happenings - Week 27


 MARCH 20 - 24, 2017


Spring Picture Day!!

Book Fair


Book Fair


Book Fair


Book Fair


Last Day to Turn In That’s My Pan! Fundraiser

Book Fair




STAAR testing is almost upon us, and we cannot stress the importance of attendance enough during this time.  Please make sure your student is here during test time.  We ask that the students bring a clear bottle of water and a snack like goldfish, pretzels, nuts, granola bar, etc. to have during testing. Also, NO VISTORS will be allowed on campus on STAAR testing days.  That does include Lunch. You are welcome to drop off lunch in the office for your student, but we will unfortunately not be able to allow you to stay.

Spring Fundraiser

Our Spring Fundraiser for this year will be That’s My Pan!  Your student brought home all the information on Monday, March 13th and all orders need to be turned in by Friday March 24th. There is a brochure that has some items to order, and the fundraiser also includes convenient online ordering. We are very excited about the variety of products, as well as the quality.  Please help support China Spring Intermediate by making That’s My Pan! a successful fundraiser.

Spring Book Fair

The book is here, and we still need your help!  If you are available any time during March 20th-24th, please email Mrs. Lafferty to sign up as a volunteer or sign up through PTA Avenue. We appreciate any help you can give us!

Talent Show

The Spring Talent Show is right around the corner!! The Talent Show will be held April 12th. Stay tuned for more details!


Box Tops for Education

The year is winding down but, don’t forget your students’ classroom is still collecting Box Tops for the spring!! The money goes directly to the classroom, so keep bringing them in!



March 13-24 - That’s My Pan! Spring Fundraiser

March 20 – Spring Picture Day

March 20-24 – Spring Book Fair

March 28 – STAAR 4th grade writing / 5th grade Math

March 29 – STAAR 5th Grade Reading

April 12 – Talent Show

April 14 – NO SCHOOL

April 29 – Spring Food Truck Festival

May 8 – STAAR 4th grade Math / 6th grade Math

May 9 – STAAR 4th grade Reading / 6th grade Reading

May 10 – STAAR 5th grade Science

May 18 – FIELD DAY Summer Fun Water Park

Dress code reminder

Please take note of the few excerpts from the CSI Dress Code pertaining to tank tops, hair, and leggings. Make sure your student is exercising these rules:


“No low-cut, backless, halter, midriff, tank, racer-back, or off-the-shoulder tops or evening outfits.* - The width of clothing on shoulders and all visible straps must be at least 2 inches wide. *A tank top is defined by a top with less than 2” of width on the shoulder not including collar. Two shirts with a width of 2 inches or more do not meet the dress code. One shirt must be the minimum of two inches at the shoulder. A top that does not fall below the waistband of the lower garment or show skin around the waist area is considered a midriff top.”


“Students may not dye hair of any unnatural color. Students may not have strips or patches of different colored hair that create a disruption to the educational environment.* Boy’s hair will be neat and groomed at all times. The length will not extend over the eyebrows, below the earlobe, or past the T-shirt collar. Hair will not be pinned, sprayed, rolled under or flipped up to avoid the true length in question. Any haircut that requires constant pushing away from face is a distraction to the learning process and is out of code.”


“All leggings, stirrup pants, yoga pants, etc., must be worn with blouses/shirts that extend to the upper thigh and completely cover the student’s rear end/bottom. Blouses/Shirts must be the same length in front and back. “Jeggings” are permissible without having to meet blouse/shirt required length as long as they have sewn pockets on the back of the pants.”


Spirit Wear Order

We are extending the spirit wear ordering for Hoodies and decals another week!  Please send forms and money to the CSI office by March 24th.  Thank you!



This year has been very successful so far for our World Wear Collection Bin.  Please continue to think about donating your slightly used clothes, toys, and household items to our World Wear Bin. China Spring Intermediate School receives a money for each pound that is donated. Please keep in mind that furniture is NOT accepted. So please make sure our playground and campus stays neat and clean by not dumping items in front of the bin. Thank you! 


The 4th Six Weeks has just ended, and we will be going through our Lost & Found soon. Please remind your student to check the Lost & Found daily. 

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