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CSI Happenings - Week 22


 Feb 6–10, 2017



Math Benchmark Test


Reading Benchmark Test





STUDENT visitors & PICK UP

If you plan on visiting a student during lunch time or you are picking up a student, please remember to bring your id with you, as identification is required in the front office. If you are picking up your child after 3:00pm, please pull around to the car rider line and wait for 3:34pm release time. We do this for the safety and security of our students.  Please support us by following our visitors & PICK UP procedures.  Thank you.

Talent Show

The Spring Talent Show is right around the corner!! Tryouts will be the week of February 20th, so get your ideas together! The Talent Show will be held April 11th. Stay tuned for more details!

District Science Fair Results (6th – 8th grade)

Behavioral & Social Sciences:

1st Place:  Dylan Birkes  (Does Color Affect Your Math?)

2nd Place:  Megan Kimbell & Olivia Kimbell (Remember That Color…)

3rd Place:  Andrew Baringer (Does Eye Color Affect Sight?)

Honorable Mention:  Xaile Garza (Color Memory)


1st Place:  Ella Webb (Bright White Smile)

Earth & Environmental Sciences:

1st Place:  Claire McMahon (Healthy Hydration?)

2nd Place:  Sebastian Trevino (The Best Compost)

3rd Place:  Kristina Addo (Got Dirt?)

Honorable Mention:  Braxen Smith (Filtration)

Plant Sciences:

1st Place:  Aidan Gardner (Effects of Artificial Sugars on Plants)

2nd Place:  Caleb Gardner (Plants of Wonder)

3rd Place:  Colton Gai/Jacob Mott (Fast Finishing Flora)

Honorable Mention:

Luke Pliscott (Jack and the Beanstalk)

Will Bradshaw (The Life of a Radish)

Riley Cotyk (Growth Spurt)

Madison Seal (When Flowers Dye)

Lillie Watkins (Plantricity

Systems Software:

1st Place:  Gavin Bass (Charege and Charger)

2nd Place:  Greyson Snydal (Wifi Test)

Animal Sciences

1st Place:  Haydn Shoots (Ironite Wetlands & Pondsnails Oh My)

2nd Place:  Matthew Walker (Killing Crickets)

3rd Place:  Jaden Marley (Animals at the feeder)

Materials Science

1st Place:  Zander Girard (Save Energy, Save Our Planet)

2nd Place:  Reid Stewart (Deep Impact)

3rd Place:  Braxton Bowers (Can You Take the Heat?)

Honorable Mention:

Jace Bihl (Chocolate Chip Cookie Thickness)

Andreas Lopez – Gulebian (Chemical or Organic)

Lainey Brown (Warm & Toasty)

Justin Getman (Solar Oven Heating)

Roman Dominguez (Insulated Cups)

Environmental Engineering:

1st Place: Tyler Martel (Now Your Hear Me: Traffic Noise Study)

2nd Place:  Brett Becker (Weighty Brigde)


1st Place:  Abby Hymel & Brooke Ridgway (Crystal Clear)

2nd Place:  Hannah Teat (Milk Contain Yourself)

3rd Place:  Macee Kent (Ink Stain Removal)

Honorable Mention:

Joshua Fisher (Apple Browning Project)

     Brenden Sheehy (I Scream for Ice Cream)

Engineering & Mechanics:

1st Place:  Ayden Coats (Temperature Effects on Rubber Bands)

2nd Place:  VannWray Vaughn (Packing Test)

Physics & Astromony:

1st Place:  Billy LeMay & Colby Hand (PSI)

2nd Place:  Nolan Galyean (Comparing Time Measurements)

3rd Place:  Tristyn Pechacek (More Bang for Your Buck)

Honorable Mention:  Kyle Smith (Cracked Yolk)


1st Place:  Landon McMillan (Finding the Winning Edge)

2nd Place:  Landon Kuehn (A Stone’s Throw Away)

3rd Place:  Justin Moore (Homeruns)

Honorable Mention:

Ben Perkins (Brain Games)

Gunner Repp (The Inside Scoop on Popcorn)

Manuel Lopez (Under Pressure Penalty Kicks)

Jace Hanna (Bat Science)

Translational Medical Science:

1st Place:  Allison Martin (The Sweet Solution)

2nd Place:  Dawson Exline (Got Allergires?)

Biomedical and Health Sciences

1st Place:  Hadley Phillips (More Nutrients in the Aeroponic Garden)

2nd Place:  Anna Abdallah (Electrolytes in Beverages)

Energy: Chemical

1st Place:  Ada and Luke Larsen (Hottest Tinder Ignition Sources of Central Texas)

District Only:

1st Place:  Brookelyn Merenda (Woof One?)

2nd Place:  McKenzie McDonald (Which Shade Sticks?)

3rd Place:  Ghouse “Anas” Siddiqui (How to Measure Rain?)

Honorable Mention:  Alejandro Vargas (Soap or Sanitizer?)

The City of Waco Parks Dept. Public Meeting

The City of Waco Parks Department will be hosting a public meeting at the China Spring Intermediate Cafeteria, Thursday, February 9th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  They would like to gather feedback from local residents regarding City-wide Park & Recreation Planning. Please come to listen & join in the conversation about the opportunities to make our town a better place.

Spring Benchmark Testing

The spring benchmarks are right around the corner, and we want to stress the importance of attendance at that time.  Please make sure your student is here February 7th, 8th, & 13th for testing.

Box Tops for Education

Don’t forget, your students’ classroom is still collecting Box Tops for the spring!! Our teachers have already begun using the money from the Fall Box Top collections to help improve your students’ classroom experience. The money goes directly to the classroom, so keep bringing them in!


February 7 – General CSI PTA Meeting @ 6:00pm in Library

February 7 – Math Spring Benchmark Testing

February 8 – Reading Spring Benchmark Testing

February 13 – Writing & Science Spring Benchmark Testing

February 22 – 6th Grade UIL Competition @ Lorena MS

February 28 – 4th Grade GT Field Trip to TSTC

March 2 – 5th Grade GT Field Trip to Inner Space Caverns

March 2 – Puppet Show

March 6-10 – SPRING BREAK!!

March 28 – STAAR 4th grade writing / 5th grade Math

March 29 – STAAR 5th Grade Reading

April 11 – Talent Show

April 14 – NO SCHOOL

Dress code reminder


If your student wears leggings or yoga pants to school, his or her shirt needs to cover the front as well as the back.  The shirt does not need to be fingertip length, but has to fully shield the rear end. Please consult the student handbook for further dress code requirements.



General PTA Meeting

There will be a PTA meeting Tuesday, February 7th at 6:00pm in the CSI Library for anyone that wants to join in.

Valentine’s Day Teacher & Staff Luncheon

We LOVE our CS Intermediate Teachers and Staff. We will host a Soup and Salad Luncheon for our teachers and staff to enjoy on Valentine's Day. Please help us provide some yummy soups and salads. Sign up where you can help using the link below and bring your donation on TUESDAY, February 14, 2017 by 10:00am.  Thank you for your willingness to show our teachers and staff how much we love them. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Cristina Galyean


The seasons will be changing soon and that means your clothing will be too.  Please think about donating your slightly used clothes, toys, and household items to our World Wear Bin. China Spring Intermediate School receives a money for each pound that is donated. Please keep in mind that furniture is NOT accepted. So please make sure our playground and campus stays neat and clean by not dumping items in front of the bin. Thank you! 


Our Lost & Found has grown again! Please remind your students to stop by every day to check for their missing items or jackets/coats. We will be donating items again very soon.

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