China Spring Intermediate School

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AUGUST Students of the Month

Congratulations to our August Students of the Month!

In 4th Grade: Sophie Fornshell and Omari Kuti

Sophie Fornshell works very hard in class. She is super sweet and a wonderful asset to our class! 

Omari Kuti came about a week late to school and picked up right where we were. He is always engaged and participating in class. 


In 5th Grade: Jaime Cotyk and Ash Jones

Jaime Coytk was picked because in the 3 weeks I had to get to know her she always had a smile on her face, is willing to give extra effort to get work done, will come to tutorials to finish work, and has a great attitude.

Ash Jones was picked because he also works hard, is quiet and unassuming. I wanted him to be recognized for his effort because he hears the teachers getting on to the loud boisterous students more than he hears us praise his quality of work during the regular school day.


In 6th Grade: Madison Caywood and Zeke Borland

Madison Caywood is very polite and kind to everyone around her. She is extremely intelligent and enhances that by being very organized and self-motivated. 

Zeke Borland is always willing to participate in class by answering questions, helping the teacher, or helping his peers. He gives 110% each and every day and comes to school with a big smile on his face.